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I am a psychiatrist and author and travel often for work and family. For a few years I was going to yoga because I knew that it was an important part of a wellness routine.  But it never really clicked until I met Chip.  He had recently arrived in Miami from LA and a friend urged me to come to his class. I was hesitant because I had not really enjoyed hot yoga in the past, but I trusted my friend and went.   

After one class, I was hooked. It is hard to say what the difference was but there was something about his teaching that I found captivating.  I attended his classes whenever I was in Miami.  Finally, I was looking forward to yoga and feeling great after. 

When the pandemic hit, I left for my hometown of LA.  After a few months there, I returned to Miami.  One of the main reasons was to resume my work with Chip.  I have been seeing him regularly throughout the pandemic, and I have found it to be so helpful.  I feel physically and mentally stronger with each session. I have also enjoyed working with Chip to create instructional videos so others can receive the same benefits. I hope you will have the chance to practice with him as well either in Miami, at one of his retreats, or virtually.  

Eva Ritvo, M.D.

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